Chapter 10

Isn’t the idea of adapting groundswell to your company very different depending on the type of company you have? There shouldn’t be a single idea that you should just adopt it.



1. I can’t seem to think of any high tech products that failed before they got to the main stream, any examples?

chapter 12

Shouldn’t marketers have an easy time finding out what their buyers want with so many free ways to information?

chapter 13

there are so many ways to sell a product, but don’t you think the more simple the better?




Wouldn’t the entire web in itself be a very large Wiki?

Chapter 10

Does the average company usually use a buyers persona profile for their products?

Chapter 11

Are e-books somthing new companies are doing? I havn’t heard of them before for the purpose of maketing.



Do you think there will come a point where people no longer want to display their entire life to the public?


Do you think Facebook and Twitter are in a way trading places with demographics? Older generations are now turning to facebook which used to be purely dominated by college students.  Will teenagers turn to Twitter now?


Wouldn’t people rather have constant updates and news from the President rather then stagnant new stories?


Do you think Twitter will eventually turn to a more brand oriented site?


Do you think business pages will eventually cost money?


Van Grove

Based on my memory, was AIM the first instant messaging/status updating way that really became popular?



Was the idea of Facebook Connect brought about for more of a company usage standpoint versus personal use? Since Twitter has many organizations using it to their advantage.



Because the Statusphere has become so large, why don’t companies utilize this within itself? Instead of using, say Outlook throughout the company, why don’t they use some form of real-time communication from person to person. 



To what degree do you think the status updating sites will grow?



Can’t advertisers use this unreliable traffic and turn to things like AdSense?



Chapter 7

I know it says about 18% of online users are creators, how big of difference is this for an energized customer?

Chapter 8

Why don’t companies get rid of tech support and call centers if they cost so much? Can’t things be done online for a lot less money?


Iran, citizen media and media attention

Do places like Iran have some form of bands on their social media like China does?

Doubting Twitter

Does Twitter even have the capacity to hold such riots without overcrowding it?

The Media Can Profit from Twitter’s Big Week

Can someone get in trouble for reporting something on twitter that’s not true?

Is Twitter The CNN Of The New Media Generation?

Do you think instant news will eventaully push out traditional news coverage?